Customized pricing plans for your knowledge management needs with AskGxP

Choose the power of AskGxP to navigate the complex landscape of pharmaceutical compliance with ease. Our tailored plans are designed to match your company's scale and compliance demands.

Basic plan

Perfect for consultants and small teams needing direct access to AI-powered GXP insights.
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Direct engagement with AskGxP’s AI, boasting deep knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations and guidelines.
Use of AI-driven tools for generating accurate SOPs and protocols.
Instant AI chat responses for quick guidance and troubleshooting.
AI-curated content updates keeping you informed on the latest industry trends.
Actionable AI insights delivered daily to support informed decision-making.

SME Plan

Elevate your SME’s compliance approach with the ability to create customized AI assistants.
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Capability to craft AI assistants with specialized knowledge in your specific GXP areas.
Full utilization of AskGxP’s AI chat for immediate, expert assistance.
Immediate AI-powered responses to streamline your compliance activities.
Access to AI-generated trend analysis for strategic planning.
Continuous AI-driven updates and insights to stay ahead of industry changes.

Enterprise plan

Designed for large enterprises, this plan features a fully customized AI platform for comprehensive compliance intelligence.
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Bespoke AI training with your unique data sets for a deeply personalized experience.
Custom-tailored AI chatbots equipped with your enterprise’s specific compliance knowledge.
Priority AI assistance for strategic and complex inquiries.
Advanced AI analytics providing deep insights into compliance performance.
Strategic consultation with our AI experts to keep your compliance processes agile and forward-thinking.

Elevate Your Knowledge Managment Strategy with AI

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AskGxP - AI Powered Knowledge Management

Revolutionize Your Pharma Compliance Strategy

Innovative Tools for Unprecedented Business Growth
AskGxP - AI Powered Knowledge Management

Streamline Your Pharma Operations with AskGxP's Advanced Tools

Elevate your pharmaceutical enterprise with AskGxP's integrated tools, designed for superior management of industry knowledge and compliance.

AI-Driven Document Generation

Automate document creation with our AI tool for research protocols and SOPs, ensuring compliance with industry guidelines. Free up time for crucial work.

Expert AI Chat Assistance

Access industry knowledge seamlessly with our AI chat, delivering instant, precise answers to pharmaceutical queries. Accelerate decision-making, minimize downtime, and boost productivity for operational success

Interactive Learning Platform

Develop a highly skilled workforce with our interactive learning platform. Customized educational paths empower your team with the latest industry knowledge, driving innovation and maintaining your competitive edge in a rapidly evolving field.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does AskGxP's SOP generator enhance our knowledge management processes?

AskGxP's SOP generator leverages AI to streamline the creation of standard operating procedures, making knowledge sharing efficient and systematic. This tool helps you centralize and organize your procedures, ensuring that best practices are easily accessible and updatable across your organization.

Can AskGxP facilitate the creation of customized learning and development programs?

Absolutely. AskGxP's guided learning tool is expertly designed to curate personalized educational experiences. It adjusts to the individual's learning curve and professional requirements, providing a continuous, focused, and operationally aligned development trajectory.

How can AskGxP assist us in maintaining a current and comprehensive knowledge base in the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry?

AskGxP is continuously enriched with the latest information and insights from the pharmaceutical sector, functioning as a dynamic knowledge repository. It helps your team stay informed about new developments, fostering a culture of knowledge and ensuring that your internal processes are based on the latest industry insights.

How does AskGxP's content simplifier make complex information more accessible?

The content simplifier feature of AskGxP transforms intricate subject matter into clear, actionable knowledge. This is especially advantageous for staff education and promoting effective communication among various teams, ensuring quick and accurate understanding and application of industry-specific information within your organization.